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Yoga Teacher, Sound and Intuitive Healer


Welcome beautiful friends and yoga family!

Welcome to my new blog which Ive called ‘The Heart Space’ its named after a beautiful project I started with a beautiful sister a little while ago.  It no longer runs but hopefully I can evolve it here!
We can now keep in touch even though Im not physically teaching in London anymore.  I know its taken me a while to get here, thanks for bearing with me!

I can now keep you updated with upcoming workshops, retreats, my spiritual musings, poetry and any other exciting news I feel called to share.
I hope this to be a place to share!  Ive always seen everyone who has attended my classes as my teacher and everyone as students, so  ‘The Heart Space’ will be a neutral space where we can come together and evolve ideas on Yoga, Spirituality, Nature, Psychology, Meditation and so much more, all is welcome in this cosmic soup, we have the possibility to create together.   Space is POSSIBILITY! 

It’s all a little daunting and way out of my comfort zone to work like this, as I’m much more of a physical person.  
As you all know my classes are very personal, I like to see not just with the eyes but with my heart,  hopefully I can still relay the love I wish to share through the art of the word and the energy that flows through it.

I built such lovely connections with you all over the past nine years, even if it was just one profound interaction or you have studied with me for many years.   I’ve watched many yoga practices evolve and seen time and time again how this translates in our lives off of the mat.  Nothing has given me greater pleasure and motivation in my own practice to see the blossoming on so many levels, the transformations, lights shining brighter.  We are all just like flowers and the process of blooming is a slow, subtle and beautiful art.  This is the art of healing!

The practice of yoga, any spiritual practice for that matter is really just that ‘a practice’, it’s in our everyday existence where it really counts.  How loving have I been today?   How kind have I been?   Did I give enough of myself?   Did I give too much?  
Who cares if you can stand on your hands if you’ve ignored that inner knowing voice from within.  This is what matters, no one can make you spiritual, no amount of any practice if you are ignorant to the lessons being shown, you have to grow from the inside!

Yoga is all about relationship and cultivating that primary relationship which is the one we have with ourselves,( ultimately the Divine within us).  
Its something we are constantly evolving, a never ending flow of observation, growth, going back to the drawing board, diving deep to collect the pearl of realisation only to start all over again, initially feeling a lot worse than when we started, never ending twists and turns.  This is not a linear process, this is a kaleidoscope of expression, a spectrum of emotions, thoughts and feelings, but it is guiding us closer to that luminous place that dwells in each us.  That place where all things meet!
We are all playing a unique part in this cosmic tapestry but ultimately we are One, its all love at the end of the day!

Id like to say a big thank You for the cards, numerous flowers, incredible gifts I received.  I was kinda blown away with the outpouring of love and hold it so dear to my heart.  This journey of life on the road less travelled can appear to be a lonely one (of course this is an illusion) but to feel so much love and support from you all was so encouraging.  so much gratitude to you all!

I was originally going to be coming back to London in September, these plans have now changed as after I taught the wonderful retreat in Totnes in August, I suffered  with a common condition called dry eyes,  which was getting progressively worse, its felt like I’ve had sand in my eyes for about a month, its been challenging  but I feel blessed to have the time and space to heal in beautiful Devon, I have literally been forced to stop so have been honouring and embracing that.
There is so much more around this condition than meets the eye ( pardon the pun) the root cause is a culmination of so many different factors physical, physiological, mental, emotional and energetic, it really is an incredible blessing and its in these moments of melancholy Ive had the space to unbind myself from the grip of a conditioned mind and also transform it into something beautiful.   I will write about this process in a blog at some point but its really the view we take of sickness and the messages its trying to relay.  I’m still very much in the process of healing but finally feel like Im coming out the other side, its all going in the right direction! 

I’ll leave you with a poem by Persian Sufi poet Hafez  its believed this offering was almost seven hundred years ago and its more relevant than ever, goodness is timeless and so is the human psyche.

‘It happens all the time in heaven’
by Hafez

It happens all the time in heaven,
And some day

It will begin to happen
Again on earth-

that men and women who are married,
And men and men who are

And women and women,
Who give each other
Often will get down on their knees

And while so tenderly
Holding their lover’s hand,

With tears in their eyes
Will sincerely speak, saying

‘My dear,
How can I be more loving to you;

How can I be more