Nicola Croucher Yoga, Sound, Healing

Yoga Teacher, Sound and Intuitive Healer


In the Divine Realm of the enchanted forest 

I meet you there

Where purity and sweetness reign

Love is all we know 

The shimmering rocks and waters sing 

And we move to the beat of the wind 

Under the light and love of the moon

Every step is a dance 

A blessed kiss from the Earth to the soles  of our bare feet 

And we sing and we dance with rapturous joy as we know we are the privileged souls who have come to experience this majestic  tangible Connection 

too touch it too taste it, too feel it, 



Feed me honest and feed me true 

Feed the one who calls to you

Light as day 

Dark as night 

Beauty and Beast

Together take flight

Embrace me now

Guide the way 

I love you shadow 

Come what may 

I am here to teach you to explore your watery depth 

To bloom like the lotus 

From you murky decay

A beautiful death I grieve your skin

Blessed to have seen what lies hidden within 

I shed a tear of ignorance and sweep it away 

Take the lessons and the love 

And be on my way 



Keep opening

Show up in all your glorious vulnerability 

Do not stop, 

There is no finish line

No where to get to,

this is not a linear journey, this is the path of the heart 

There is no a to b

Just  a spiral falling deeper and deeper into the void of love 

Free fall 

you are held upon the wings of the breath of this indescribable presence, 

more powerful than our limited minds could ever comprehend 

Every breath is a profound and intimate connection to this unseen web of cosmic energy 

Trust it, this breath of God, 

Inhale feel it close

Exhale, surrender to It, 

What really is there to lose, 

we own nothing anyway,

this material illusion has created chaos and destruction and warped our unstable minds 

We are born with no possessions and we will die with none 

And It is by the grace of God we are here and grace will decide when we leave 

So Take another step and fly my love  

You are safe and you are oh so loved

Keep opening 

Show up in your glorious vulnerability 

Infinitely unfolding Petals of pain

Draw them from the depth of your wild wild heart 

Offer them up to the fire 🔥 

And watch them burn 

Svāhā Svāhā ,Transforming again

Keep on keeping on

Keep opening, 

Show up in all your glorious vulnerability ❤️