Nicola Croucher Yoga, Sound, Healing

Yoga Teacher, Sound and Intuitive Healer


I totally by accident ended up covering some children’s yoga classes about 3 years ago and haven’t stopped teaching them since.

 I teach children from 7 to early teens actually they teach me.  Classes are fun and engaging.  I weave the philosophy of yoga with yoga postures, meditation and sound healing and lots of laughter and discussion.  The class is much more interactive than an adult class.528fd5bf-6ff7-431f-b651-d09834e0eba7

The more pressure being placed on our children in schools and society, the greater need for them to empower themselves and find inner peace and alternative ways of being.  Unfortunately our society does not teach us from a young age to connect to ourselves and find the magnificence within.  So much emphasis is on success and doing and not enough being.  It can be a limiting, pressured and narrow minded structure, yoga allows them a place to break free of that structure and explore and connect physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and just be, finding the beauty and relaxation in stillness and presence.  It’s so natural for a child to connect to the essence of yoga, nature, love, it makes my job super easy and fun too.

I teach children weekly at Yogaloft in Queens Park 4.00pm-4.45pm every Wednesday.

I also share private family yoga sessions where I can come to your home. I have experience with all levels and ages and of yogi’s , so can give specific advice to individuals whilst all working together as a family with a shared peaceful intention.  It’s such a profound connective experience to share yoga in this way together.  Yoga is about relationship and it brings each member of the family into harmony with themselves and each other.

 Please see schedule and pricing for details IMG_1874