Nicola Croucher Yoga, Sound, Healing

Yoga Teacher, Sound and Intuitive Healer

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Nicola is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, sound healer and intuitive healer dedicated to the study, practice and sharing of the art, science, philosophy and healing and connective power of yoga.

My philosophy and mission is to make the calming, therapeutic and empowering benefits of yoga accessible to all and for us all to find our true selves beyond the masks we wear, our true selves being a divine spark of creation, pure LOVE! 

Over the years I have discovered my purpose for helping people connect to their spiritual and inner world through yoga, meditation and sound healing.  If you wish to discover a more authentic you away from the external and material, I can lovingly guide you towards this place of truth and peace.  All of the answers lay within us it is nothing outside of ourselves, but we do have to do the inner work to uncover the shadows to reveal the beauty of who we truly are.  

I can guide you through this process lovingly and motivate  you to stay on this path of truth if that is what you REALLY want.

 There is so much in today’s world to pull us away from our truth and reaching our highest potential, if you you make your inner world very strong through yoga, meditation any form of self study, temptation will be seen much clearer and choices will become naturally more obvious as your consciousness awakens. The alchemical journey of blossoming, transforming is available to us all we only need to ask for it and stay committed to the path.

 I specialise in yoga therapy and meditation also to address the symptoms of addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and stress as this has been my own experience in the past.

I also share fun, energising group classes in the workplace and in lovely centres throughout London.  Joy is the highest vibration!

Each of us is a unique human being with specific physical and psychological requirements, with a one to one yoga therapy session we can start to address these specific needs.

With a combination of physical postures, meditation, breath work, relaxation, diet/lifestyle, positivity, sound and LOVING KINDNESS to oneself we can address conditions such as:

Anxiety, Addiction, Arthiritus, Back Pain, Cancer symptoms, Depression, Eating Disorders,  Fatigue, Insomnia, Injury Pain, Stress, Sciatica and many more .

StonesThrough yoga, meditation, sound and a holistic perspective we can dramatically reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Yoga is an empowering therapy which will allow you to gain the control back over your body and mind, but ultimately it is about connection, connection to each other, connection to nature, connection to our Divine higher self , connection to All That Is, no separation!